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Thinkineers: Outdoors (formerly Leaders-In-Training)

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Skill Building
Price Range
Grade Level(s)
9th — 12th
Level of Physical Activity
Intermediate activity

Join the OMSI Thinkineers: Outdoors, one of two options in the summer time to join the first tier of the Teen Science Alliance. Learn about and practice science facilitation, technology, art and Oregon ecology by working in small groups to lead activities for younger campers. Thinkineers: Outdoors is a two week residential summer camp program on the coast at Camp Kiwanilong.

Upon completion of their 60 hours in the Thinkineers: Outdoors program, teens can elect to continue their involvement with OMSI by joining the Science Squad and volunteering in the Museum Exhibit Halls and Labs working with Science Educators to facilitate science activities for OMSI visitors. Members of the Science Squad commit to volunteering 72 hours of service. After completing the Science Squad, teens can apply for apprenticeships with various museum departments. If you are interested in the day-class format for the summer, click HERE for Thinkineers.

Q: What is the Teen Science Alliance?
The Teen Science Alliance is a multi-tiered program for students entering or in 9th-12th grade, interested in science, teaching and gaining new experiences. Members of the alliance can apply to volunteer in the museum upon completion of their first 60 hours.

Q: What does the Teen Science Alliance do?
Teen Science Alliance members initiate their experience through 60 hours of behind-the-scenes programming where they learn about science, engineering, ecology, and technology through different challenges. Upon completion of this first tier, participants can apply to volunteer in the museum.

Q: Where does the Teen Science Alliance take place?
The Teen Science Alliance takes place throughout the exhibit halls and labs at OMSI. During the summer, Thinkineers: Outdoors an alternate option for the first tier of the Teen Science Alliance. That program is a two-week residential summer camp on the Oregon coast. The group will stay with OMSI staff at Camp Kiwanilong traveling to local destinations to learn ecology.

Q: When does the Teen Science Alliance happen?
There are three entry points to the Teen Science Alliance throughout the course of the year (fall, winter, summer). Summer has two options, the first, like the fall and winter are at OMSI in Portland; shifts take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The second option is a two-week residential summer camp in August. School year shifts take place on Saturdays.

Q: What is the difference between Thinkineers and Thinkineers: Outdoors?
Both programs are a part of tier one of the Teen Science Alliance, and upon completion of either, teens can apply to join Science Squad. To accommodate busy schedules in the summer time, OMSI offers two Thinkineers options: Thinkineers is a day-class format, twice a week for six weeks at OMSI, the same as the fall and winter, Thinkineers: Outdoors is a two-week residential summer camp on the Oregon coast. The professional skills taught and practiced in each program is the same, but the science content will differ. Thinkineers will do an engineering design challenge while Thinkineers: Outdoors will focus on ecology of the Pacific Northwest. Click HERE to learn more about Thinkineers

Q: Why do teens want to be part of the Teen Science Alliance?
The Teen Science Alliance is a great opportunity to learn about science, experience teaching, and gain new experiences.

Q: How do teens become part of Thinkineers: Outdoors?
To join Thinkineers: Outdoors, simply follow the links to enroll. At this point, Thinkineers: Outdoors does not have application based enrollment.

Q: Is there a cost for the program?
The program fee for Thinkineers is $300. The program fee for Thinkineers: Outdoors, a two week residential program is $875. This price covers food, housing and transportation. Financial aid is available through a separate application.

Available Sessions

Dates Location Member/Non-member

Thinkineers: Outdoors (formerly Leaders-In-Training)

Start Date Aug 3, 2015
End Date Aug 14, 2015
Start and End Times 7am Mon - 5pm Fri
Duration 12 days
Location Camp Kiwanilong, Warrenton, OR
Member/Non-Member $825/$875
Check In Check-in on the first day of camp is at 7am in the south parking lot at OMSI.
Check Out Check-out on the final day of camp is at 5pm in the auxiliary parking lot near OMSI (Water Ave and SE Main St). Photo ID is required.
Catalog Number 959LT803