Brain Teasers 2

Brain Teasers 2, the sequel to our super successful Brain Teasers exhibition, features a brand new collection of 20 hands-on puzzles designed to develop problem-solving skills and provide plenty of fun! Brain Teasers 2 presents a wide array of challenges for all ages, from mathematical conundrums to mind-boggling block puzzles. To solve these puzzles, visitors must use creative thinking and problem-solving strategies such as looking for patterns, thinking ahead, setting aside preconceived notions, and looking at problems from different perspectives.

Twenty puzzles are set up on five exhibit tables with four units per table (there is an extra puzzle that can be used as an alternate). Can you separate two linked metal hearts and then reassemble them? Arrange standard geometric shapes to create startling new ones? Solve a maze that is apparently unsolvable? In Brain Teasers 2, you can!

Availability Timeframe  
Spring 2018
  • Requires a minimum of 500 sq. ft.
  • 21 exhibits: hands-on interactives, graphic panels and text
  • No electricity required
  • Instruction Manual
  • Teacher's Guide
  • Marketing Kit
Cost & Rental Terms 
  • Rental fee is $4,800 for a 3 month booking; double bookings available at a discount
  • Shipped in one 48-53 ft. truck (partial load)
  • Deposit required upon booking
  • 1 day estimated for installation and takedown
Credit Line 

Brain Teasers 2 was produced and is toured by the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. This exhibit was made possible by a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant.