Renewable Energy / Energía Renovable


OMSI created this 2,000 sq. ft. bilingual (English/Spanish) exhibition to show visitors how renewable energy technologies provide sustainable options that support our daily energy needs. The exhibition explores wind, wave and solar energy to demonstrate how natural, recurring energy can be transformed into electricity for everyday use.


Create an exhibit on renewable energy sources that will allow visitors to understand decisions about energy sources and the power grid. Collaborate with a wide range of local and regional partners to fund the project and tell stories specific to Oregon.

Research & Development

Project partners included renewable energy industry leaders Vestas, Portland General Electric, Bonneville Power Administration and SolarWorld. OMSI worked closely with experts from each partner to make the exhibition locally relevant and help visitors understand the science behind environmental issues and sustainable technologies.


To reach the broadest audience possible, OMSI developed and evaluated the exhibition in both English and Spanish. The OMSI team includes native speakers who develop Spanish language exhibit content and conduct evaluation with Spanish-speaking visitors.

Evaluation & Visitor Studies

The exhibition features a mix of hands-on activities, animation and interactive models that let visitors test different energy options. In one component, visitors must respond to the changing demands of a large city as they weigh the economic, environmental and social trade-offs of a variety of energy sources. These varied visitor experiences were informed by observation, visitor surveys and other evaluation methods. OMSI’s evaluation team ensures that clients' and funders' intended educational messages were successfully communicated to a diverse audience.

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