Mindbender Mansion


Mindbender Mansion is a 6,000 sq. ft. traveling exhibition that engages visitors in playful problem solving. Visitors to the mansion are invited to join the "Mindbender Society" by gathering hidden clues scattered throughout the kitchen, map room, parlor, library and dining room.


Create an exciting, self-funded traveling exhibition that attracts visitors and engages them in critical thinking and collaborative problem-solving. Design the exhibition to appeal to families, schools and other groups to maximize value to host institutions.

Traveling Exhibitions

Adults, families, and children all enjoy the 40 individual brainteasers and the 5 group challenges which include manipulating a tilt table, forming patterns in rolling chairs, filling food trays on a moving conveyer belt, maneuvering a flying machine and competing in a disco hopscotch spelling bee. Mindbender Mansion has been well received by staff and visitors at host museums, several of which have already rebooked the exhibition.

Research & Development

The exhibition was developed to engage visitors on many different levels. In addition to the brainteasers and group challenges, visitors are invited to solve a meta puzzle by collecting a series of clues in different rooms of the mansion. Visitors are given instructions for solving the meta puzzle in a series of playful videos created for the exhibition.

Exhibits as Teaching Tools

Mindbender Mansion provides teachers an opportunity to engage their students in inventive, out-of-the-box problem solving that uses math, builds on prior knowledge, inspires teamwork and demands creativity. Mindbender Mansion is especially popular with middle and high school-aged groups. The exhibition is ideal for supplemental programming, promotions and marketing activities such as brainteaser contests, spelling bees and competitions with popular games and puzzles.