Where Did Your Microbiome Come From?

Manipulate a tilt table maze to learn how a newborn baby is first colonized by microbes and discover that not only do we coexist with these organisms from the moment we are born, but our microbiomes get more diverse as we grow up. In this challenging full-body activity, up to (4) players work together to tilt a table in different directions, guiding a ball into (6) targets as quickly as possible in the allotted time. Each target represents a way in which a newborn baby builds its microbiome. The goal of the game is to “collect” the microbes that will help build the baby’s immune system, by hitting all (6) targets. A scoreboard keeps tally and counts down the remaining time left in the game. See if you and your teammates can achieve a high “microbial score” by triggering all (6) sensors.

Approx. Dimensions*:
44" W x 91" L x 84" H
1.12m x 2.31m x 2.13m

Power: Required