What Would You Do?

Would you donate your poop to science? Vote on different scenarios and find out if most people agree or disagree with your choice. Choose one of three stories by tapping the touchscreen and answer a yes-or-no question based on your personal values, attitudes and cultural influences in everyday life situations. Once you’ve cast your vote, you’ll watch a short (45-60 second) but engaging video with playful animation which, along with an expert scientist, helps explain microbiome research on that particular topic in more depth:

1). Would you be interested in studying astronaut poop?
2). Would you accept someone else’s microbes to make yourself healthier?
3). Would you be willing to donate your poop for science?

After the video, you’ll have a chance to reconsider your decision and vote again. A tally of all the pre-video and post-video votes from the last few weeks will be displayed so you can see general cultural trends. Select another story until you have voted on all three scenarios. Microbes affect our lives in several ways and often there is not one “correct” answer to the many situations and choices we face daily.

Approx. Dimensions*:
58" W x 27" L x 82" H
1.47m x .69m x 2.08m

Power: Required

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