Spelling Fever

In this large-scale, full-body activity, teamwork is necessary to successfully meet the challenge: to correctly spell answers to trivia questions within a limited amount of time by hopping on letter squares. Start the game by touching the small screen at one end of the dance floor. Instructions are given on a large screen above the floor and the game begins when a randomly generated question appears on the large screen. The challenge is to think of the answer to the question (with help from anyone nearby) and spell it out by plotting a course down the floor and hopping on the correct letters. Visitors must land at the far end of the floor to submit their answer. If the answer is correct, they score points and then hurry back to the starting point to spell another word, or a team member can start spelling the next answer to save time and increase total points.

Approx. Dimensions*:
15'4" W x 18'5" L x 9'8" H

Power: Required