OMSI Smart Egg Drop

OMSI has taken the quintessential egg drop and turned it on its head. Still leveraging lessons in design and critical problem solving, we’ve done away with the mess and added real-time results.

How? When dropped, OMSI Smart Eggs transmit data to your device through our web app giving you immediate feedback on everything from impact force, to free fall times, to angle of impact. Your challenge is to design a container that will prevent the egg from “breaking.” Keep things simple or invent something wild. With the OMSI Egg Drop, you and your visitors get to design, test, improve, and test again!

The OMSI Smart Egg Drop Kit includes:

• 3 Artisan hardwood OMSI Smart Eggs
• Web app for viewing data output on your device
• USB charger bank
• Instruction manual
• Heavy-duty carrying case

Price: $3,925 (plus shipping and insurance)