How Do Your Microbes Protect You?

Your gut needs a broad diversity of organisms in order to be healthy. See if you can keep the helpful microbes in balance so the dangerous ones don’t take control in this touch-screen video game. As you play, you’ll learn that although antibiotics attack the invading bacteria that make you sick, they can also kill the healthy microbes in your body. Your challenge is to poke the beneficial microbes with your finger to get them to divide, react, and re-populate in a 60-second race against the pathogens. A “health-o-meter” shows how well you are doing keeping the good flora out-competing the unhealthy invaders. Each round of the game will be slightly altered to increase the variety of outcomes so you can play again with a different strategy to better optimize the balance.

Approx. Dimensions*:
47" W x 27" L x 82" H
1.19m x .69m x 2.08m

Power: Required