Teen Science Alliance: Thinkineers

Price Range
$300 (financial aid is available)
Grade Level(s)
9th — 12th
Before & After Care

For summer classes, before care (7:30–9:00 a.m.) and after care (4:00–6:00 p.m.) are available at both OMSI and Jesuit High School locations.

This competitive, application-based program requires an interview. Paper registration forms are not necessary. Fees are not due until notification of acceptance. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the application link. Applications due September 1, 2015.

Join the OMSI Thinkineers, the first tier of the Teen Science Alliance, to learn about and practice science facilitation. As well as technology, art and engineering through their work in small groups to resolve a design challenge. The Thinkineers program takes place on Saturdays during the school year or on weekdays during summer months. Upon completion of their 60 hours in the Thinkineers program, teens can elect to continue their involvement with OMSI by joining the Science Squad and volunteering in the Museum Exhibit Halls and Labs working with Science Educators to facilitate science activities for OMSI visitors. Members of the Science Squad commit to volunteering 72 hours of service. After completing the Science Squad, teens can apply for apprenticeships with various museum departments.

Q: What is the Teen Science Alliance?
The Teen Science Alliance is a multi-tiered program for students entering or in 9th-12th grade, interested in science, teaching and gaining new experiences. Members of the alliance can elect to volunteer in the museum upon completion of their first 60 hours.

Q: What does the Teen Science Alliance do?
Teen Science Alliance members initiate their experience through 60 hours of behind-the-scenes programming where they learn about science, engineering, and technology through different challenges. Upon completion of this first tier, participants can elect to volunteer in the museum.

Q: Where does the Teen Science Alliance take place?
The Teen Science Alliance takes place throughout the exhibit halls and labs at OMSI.

Q: When does the Teen Science Alliance happen?
There are three entry points to the Teen Science Alliance throughout the course of the year (fall, winter, summer). Summer shifts take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. School year shifts take place on Saturdays. Applicants can apply at any time to be considered for the next cohort.

Q: Why do teens want to be part of the Teen Science Alliance?
The Teen Science Alliance is a great opportunity to learn about science, experience teaching, and gain new experiences.

Q: How do teens become part of the Teen Science Alliance?
All interested teenagers must provide a complete application and two references. Eligible candidates will complete an interview process shortly after the published application deadline.

Q: What if I am too late applying to the current session?
Applications are accepted continuously, invitations for interview and acceptance to the program occur three times annually.

Q: Is there a cost for the program?
There is a program fee of $300 for joining the program. Financial aid is available through a separate application.

Before you fill out the application, here’s what you will need to get started:

• An email address where you can receive all correspondence from OMSI.

• The email address and phone number of a parent or guardian.

• Your projected high school graduation date (month/year).

• Identify two teachers or adult mentors who can provide references for you (reference link will be provided upon completion of application).

TIPS for making a good application great!
• Type all of your essay responses into a separate document (such as a Word file), making sure to correct spelling and grammatical errors before pasting into the application.

• Include how your interest in the Teen Science Alliance is unique! Tell us something meaningful about yourself. Do not tell us that you want to join the program because you “need service hours” or because you “need a job”. The Teen Science Alliance is an unpaid program.

Available Sessions

Dates Location Member/Non-member

Teen Science Alliance: Thinkineers

Start Date Sep 26, 2015
End Date Dec 12, 2015
Start and End Times 10am-4pm Saturdays (except November 28th)
Duration 10 days
Location OMSI
Member/Non-Member $300